Emma Comfort - Tai Chi Qigong at New Body Barn, Devizes

Emma Comfort

- also spelt Chi Kung

I became interested in body work about thirty years ago when I needed treatment myself. My interest grew as I discovered the range and extent of symptoms that could be helped through treatment and as I began to understand the link between the physical body, the mind and the spirit. I trained first in Swedish Massage, then aromatherapy. I set up practice with these skills, but felt there was still something missing. Then I discovered Shiatsu, and the manner in which it forms a natural link between our physical, mental and spiritual health.

A Holistic Approach

This holistic approach now infuses all my work with all my clients. Shiatsu led me naturally into a personal Qi Gong practice as a way of ensuring that my energy stayed balanced and healthy. I trained with Chris Jarmey in Wiltshire and Sonia Moriceau in Herefordshire. Since then I have studied many subjects that have helped me improve the work I do - these have included other forms of body work, counselling skills, personal development courses and ongoing CPD (Continual Professional Development).

I have a busy practice in Wiltshire, seeing individual clients and teaching Qi Gong at New Body Barn and am excited to shortly be starting a clinic in London. My work is my vocation, and although it has taken me through some difficult and challenging times the rewarding times are far more important to me.


BA (Hons); MRSS IPTI Dip Shiatsu


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Emma will be pleased to welcome you at New Body Barn. Please mention New Body Barn when making contact. Email Emma: or call 07977 863769

Tai Chi Qigong is conducted in New Body Barn, Devizes Treatment Room which is also available for hire.