Amelia Grace - Yoga classes at New Body Barn, Devizes

Instructor Profile

Amelia is a qualified yoga alliance UK teacher. She offers energising Vinyasa Flow classes across Wiltshire. She has been practicing Yoga since 2012 and teaching since the beginning of 2019.


Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union or ‘Yoke’ because it a practice which unites the mind, body and soul. It is most often used in the West to describe the physical practice of Yoga postures. Whether you are looking to Yoga for the physical or mental benefits, of which there are many, the best way to experience these gifts is to come to a Yoga class!

Breath and movement

Yoga is for everyone – not just the flexible! Practicing yoga asanas (the postures) is about breath and movement, uniting the two. So as long as you can breathe you can practice Yoga. Yoga is inclusive and variations for all levels will be offered throughout the classes.

Thursday 18:00 (45 mins)

Drop-in class - £8
4 weeks advance booking £28.40 (£7.20 per class)



"Excellent pacing, creative routine, and assistance for correct positioning throughout the session. I really enjoyed the cactus arms which has improved a slight injury I have been nursing. Thank you Amelia Grace, I look forward to the next one!"Eden

"Thank you for a delightful practice! Your flow was lovely and the pace was good. Can’t wait to come back to another class of yours! "Bridgette

"Amelia, I LOVE your classes. Your personality shines throughout. Great cues great pace I got really warm on such a chilly Monday morning. You coaxed the sun out too. "Berti

Contact Amelia


Amelia is available Saturday mornings only. Email Amelia: