Cheryl Parr Ph.D at New Body Barn, Devizes

Originally from an Art & Design background I spent many years immersed in the world of fine art sculpture and philosophy, eventually obtaining my Ph.D in 2002. During this time Yoga was always in the back of my mind as something I wanted to ‘do’ someday. Having suffered for years with dislocation of the shoulder joint I was fearful of most forms of exercise, but recognised that the limited range of shoulder movement, stiffness and pain I experienced on a daily basis was not going to get any better on its’ own. I knew I needed to do something!

A deep sense of calm

So when 10 years ago amidst work, babies and small children I noticed a local class I had to give it a go. Immediately my aches and pains and general lopsidedness improved and I felt a deep sense of calm. There was no turning back and 6 years later I embarked on both an Intensive Training Course in the sensory based movement practice of Nia and a BWYQ Level 4 Diploma in Teaching Yoga.

Now rather than something I ‘do’, Yoga and Nia are how I live my life and I cannot imagine a time without them. I believe the practices of Yoga and Nia are for every ‘body, whatever age, condition or ability. Yoga and Nia has given me so much more than just relief of shoulder pain and stiffness. They have given me tools to bring more balance, flexibility, strength and peace to my body, mind and emotions. Both mindful movement practices open up a unique and individual ‘safe space’ that I can call my own; a space in which I can let go and have the freedom to explore, play, release, breathe, relax and be still regardless of what is occurring in my external world.

Power to creatively shape

Whether through Yoga or Nia focusing on moving with awareness, intent and inquiry can unravel years of entrenched patterns within the body and has the power to creatively shape the way we feel, look, think and live.

Now qualified as a Nia White Belt Teacher and a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher I am happily offering you the unique opportunity to improve the quality of your life and health in mind and body by stepping into your own nourishing and exhilarating somatic journey with me!

Nia classes tone your mind and tune your body. Each workout brings mindfulness to your dance movement experience leaving you energised, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced. Nia cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, jazz dance, modern dance, Duncan dance, Yoga, Alexander Technique and Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais to get you fit in 60 minutes – body, mind, emotion and spirit.

What happens in class

In a one hour class I will guide you through a choreographed routine that builds in energy and aerobic intensity against a backdrop of diverse and inspiring music. The class then slows down to finish with yoga stretches and breathing. During class you are encouraged to let your body take the lead, connect with your breathing and really make the class your own. This is a time for you to play, have fun, express yourself, relax and leave with a smile on your face as well as a fit and conditioned body. Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. No special skills needed only a willingness to move and be moved!

Cheryl will be pleased to welcome you at New Body Barn. Please mention New Body Barn when making contact.
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Nia classes are held New Body Barn, Devizes Studio 1 which is also available for hire.